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My mother is 73 she is in the vulnerable category, I phoned her up and asked if she had been out today, no she said, she is sat looking at four walls with the news blasting bad vibes.

Yes, I do agree things are not good, we need to social distance, but we don’t need to sit there going brain-dead as I said to my mother;

go out in the car,

just have a ride for fresh air,

and go to the park, (don’t get up close to anyone). keep 2 meters you will be fine.

have a ride to the seafront, wind the windows down, and breathe the sea air.

go to a friend’s house but talk through the window, no need to be close.

Sorry but we are in this for the long haul, but it’s not the end, plough on, and see people but from six feet away. life goes on (but only if you make it go on! you’re not in solitary confinement, you a human being who needs brain stimulation and interaction! GET OUT A BIT, JUST TAKE CARE!


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