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Help us help others; we want to donate to child charities,


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Help us help others; we want to donate to charities,

Our workaholic managing director at wheelchair cars wants to donate a certain amount of money to different child based charities. In conversation our boss said;

“The first time i gave to charity was a couple of years ago, i was in the parts department at Peugeot, on the counter was a photo of a small girl (Emma Hoolin) in a hospital bed, she had no hair and she had more tubes and pipes than the plumb section of b&q. The photo was accompanied by a leaflets requesting donations and publicity. i returned back to the office, looked at the website, then immediately wrote a cheque, It felt great”.

The boss went on to say; “I wrote a small cheque to a website run by a husband and wife team not too long ago, who gives help and advice to parents of children. As i wrote the cheque, my wife / long term girl friend of 26 years said, have you forgot we need a new roof on our house while you are giving money away! to which i laughed. (it only leeks a bit and it can wait)”.

Now don’t get me wrong, we don’t have vast amounts to give away, but if we can donate some money and get a message out to other company directors that it makes you feel good to donate spare funds. Then it is a worthwhile thing we are doing.

The only stipulations are;

  • We will only give to child based charities.
  • The charity must have a registered charity number.
  • A website.
  • All contacts must be through e mail via this site. ( we cannot have our phones / switch board jammed).
  • Cut off will be the end of August 2015 then reviewed,

So; spread the word, e mail a friend, tweet it, blog it, link it, Facebook it, like it, phone a friend, copy and paste it, shout it, do what you can.

This is the latest news from a child website we donated to (our name is on the sponsors page);

Emma Hoolin, the brave four-year-old from Whitley, Wigan, who spent five months in Philadelphia undergoing treatment for Neuroblastoma, has returned home to friends and family and is now well enough to start school.

(yes, job well done).



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