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best wheelchair accessible cars vehicles
Best wheelchair accessible cars vehicles


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What are the Best wheelchair-accessible car vehicles?

The simple answer;

There is No best wheelchair-accessible car vehicle. It all comes down to your individual needs.

One can enter our showroom and want a large family car with four large seats and a lowered floor for a tramper eight mph mobility scooter. After asking if they drive manual or automatic gears, we would point this person to a Kia Sedona or, more up-to-date, a four-seater caddy maxi.

On another day, we can have an 80-year-old lady wanting a smaller car with automatic gears. The vehicle must not be too big for her driveway. Her husband is in a push wheelchair and weighs 15 stone. At that point, we would show the lady a Berlingo automatic with a power winch to load the wheelchair.

At no point is a Kia Sedona manual better than a Citroen Berlingo automatic or vice versa. It all comes down to your needs.

Hear at wheelchair cars Ltd. We like to picture your situation.

Your situation starts with your needs. 

We can tell you which car we think is best for you and your situation. But we will never say, “Oh, we think the VW caddy is the best.” Because it is only the best if you want five seats and space in the rear for a wheelchair, we have people coming into our showroom all the time, and I can guarantee they don’t have the exact needs of the last person looking at wheelchair cars.

A wheelchair-accessible vehicle needs to suit,

I spoke to a lady last week, and she had a car delivered from a motor company in Blackpool. Unfortunately, the car she bought online was delivered in the dark. Nobody showed her how to load a wheelchair, how to work the straps to retain a wheelchair, let alone inspect or test drive the car. She phoned us because she could not close the ramp properly; as it turned out, the wheelchair was an oversized reclining chair with head support that needed to travel slightly tilted for occupants’ comfort.

Why on earth anybody would buy a car from a car dealer;

Who is not interested in giving customers the care and attention they need?

We deal with vulnerable disabled people. 

These people rely on honest behaviour. Ethical behaviour should start with the advert. For example, if a vehicle was photographed on a country road or outside a park, why was it not photographed outside the garage/dealership?

Follow this link for our thoughts on people who take photos away from the garage they pretend to have. BEWARE! dealers who take photos on country roads are not showing you a true picture.

Be Careful! Buy from a specialist with premises.

There are many false claims out there from garages selling wheelchair cars.

Disabled Cars. one dealer writes. A family-run business with over twenty years experience (20 years experience in what, to date, they have been selling wav’s for four years) why lie?

Our advice is only to deal with a specialist working from a garage regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority)—we are! Our Reference number is 715363. Ask the garage on first contact if the FCA regulates you.

Delivery of your new /used wheelchair car.

On delivery of your wheelchair car at your home,

you should;

  • Ask for delivery on approval!
  • Test drive the vehicle,
  • Be shown the belts and restraints.
  • Taught how to load a wheelchair.
  • Have enough time to inspect the car and body, etc.
  • Make sure the wheelchair fits in the car safely.
  • Have all the paperwork and safety certificates for the vehicle.

You should NOT;

  • Be thrown a set of keys and told to sign here love in the dark. (don’t sign).
  • Have to pay for the car entirely before delivery. (don’t pay in full before delivery).
  • Accept poor condition, lousy paintwork and faults. (reject vehicles in poor condition).


BEWARE ! dealers who take photos on country roads are not showing you a true picture.

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