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RAC Wav Dealer Code Of Practice


Approved RAC WAV Dealer

RAC Approved Dealer Customer
Buy with confidence


      • With whom you are buying the vehicle from

      • The vehicle is safe to buy 
      • Peace of mind

      • There is someone to turn to if you have a problem with the vehicle

      • There is someone to turn to if you have a problem with the dealer

      • The vehicle is under warranty
        Exceptional customer service

      • You will always find the service friendly,
        straightforward and jargon-free

      • All RAC Approved Dealers will undergo a
        formal compliance check at least six times
        a year to check their vehicles are prepared
        to RAC standards

      • This is underpinned by a code of
        practice that all RAC Approved Dealers sign
        up to
        RAC Used Vehicle Code of Practice
        The RAC Used Vehicle Code of Practice covers
        the five elements below:


        1. Advertising

        1. Customer service

        1. Vehicle Preparation

        1. Peace of mind

        1. How to solve a problem

        1. Dealers will advertise openly, honestly, and
          not in a way that could mislead consumers.

        1. Dealers must ensure that any marketing,
          advertising, offers, promotions or deals are
          underpinned with integrity, aimed at giving
          the consumer’s value so they understand
          the terms of any deal being offered.

        1. The Dealer will help explain any offers
          and ensure you understand any terms and
          conditions in place.

        1. The price paid for the vehicle must not be
          greater than that advertised unless added
          extras have been requested and agreed upon by

        1. If the Dealer offers a consumer a “trade-in”
          price for their current vehicle they will use
          an industry standard pricing guide.

        1. Advertisements must comply with any
          relevant code of advertising, including;


          • UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising,
            Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing

          • The Television Advertising Standards

          • The Radio Advertising Standards Code

          • All other relevant statutory
            requirements, such the Consumer
            Protection from Unfair Trading
            Regulations 2008 and the Consumer
            Credit (Advertisements) Regulations
            2004 (as amended)
            Customer Service


            1. Dealer staff will be trained in the RAC
              charter and the RAC Used Vehicle Code of
              Practice, it will be displayed in a suitable
              area for consumers to view and copies
              available if requested.

            1. Dealer staff will be professional and be at
              hand to answer queries regarding vehicles
              for sale.

            1. Dealers will provide a safe environment for
              consumers to view vehicles for sale.

            1. Dealer staff will not put undue pressure on
              consumers to purchase a vehicle ensuring
              vulnerable consumers are given the time
              and support for them to make an informed
              choice regarding their purchase.

            1. Dealer staff will provide factual information
              about a vehicle for sale.

            1. Dealer staff will detail in writing any “extras
              “and the cost of these that have been
              negotiated before the completion of the sale.

            1. Dealers will ensure the consumer
              understand any terms and conditions that
              could invalidate the warranty plan provision
              provided with the vehicle.

            1. The Dealer will ensure the consumer
              receives all the advertised benefits on
              delivery of the vehicle to the consumer.

            1. The Dealer will ensure that their customer
              facing staff are given sufficient authority
              to resolve any complaint promptly and
              courteously before it escalates. If the
              a complaint cannot be resolved; please see
              Our section is on how to solve a problem.
              10. The Dealer is also obliged to have someone
              suitable to act as a customer service
              manager, who will manage complaints that
              have been escalated.
              11. The Dealer will be clear about the terms
              of sale. This includes cancellation rights,
              return of deposits if the intended sale is
              cancelled, and any associated reasonable
              cost in doing so. The dealer will ensure
              deposits taken for vehicles are protected in
              the event that the dealer cannot fulfil the
              agreed vehicle for sale.
              12. The Dealer will make any documentation
              associated with the vehicle available for
              inspection to prospective consumers.
              13. The Dealer will allow any inspection by a
              third party to be conducted on any vehicle
              offered for sale if the consumer wishes.
              This will include providing a V5 document
              numbers if required to allow the consumer
              to carry out their own history checks.
              14. The Dealer will support any consumer who
              feels they need additional support through
              family members or friends to purchase
              a vehicle. The dealer and its staff will
              treat the consumer representative in the
              same manner as dealing directly with the
              15. If the Dealer offers any other products and
              services such as finance, then they must
              be clear on the terms and conditions that apply
              and which company they are contracting.
              16. Dealers will regularly review training
              material and changes to the codes via the
              RAC dedicated portal ensuring dealer staff
              are given access to any relevant training
              17. Once the sale is agreed the Dealer is to
              provide a suitable time for the consumer to
              collect their vehicle and complete the sale.
              If the Dealer cannot have the vehicle ready
              for the agreed time, they must inform the
              consumer as soon as possible.
              Vehicle Preparation

            1. All Dealers will ensure every vehicle
              available for sale has had an RAC 82-point
              Approved Vehicle Preparation Standard
              check carried out detailing any work that
              needs to be completed.

            1. If faults or issues are identified when
              carrying out the check, which may make
              the vehicle un-roadworthy, these issues
              must be rectified before the vehicle being
              available for sale.

            1. Once the sale of a vehicle is made, any
              other issues identified on the RAC 82 point
              check must be completed before the
              the vehicle being handed over.

            1. The Dealer will provide a certificate
              confirming the vehicle has passed the RAC
              82 point Approved Vehicle Preparation

            1. The Dealer will ensure a “Vehicle Data.”
              (history) is carried out for vehicles sold.
              The Vehicle Data check will include the


              • If the vehicle has been reported stolen

              • If the vehicle has been an insurance
                write off

              • If there is outstanding finance on the

              • Any history of previous vehicle

              • Vehicle mileage validation
                Peace of Mind


                1. Each car will be provided with a
                  minimum three months RAC warranty plan.

                1. The Dealer will provide details of what is
                  covered and not covered under the warranty

                1. The Dealer will offer a warranty upgrade or
                  extension period and clearly detail any cost
                  for this in writing.

                1. The Dealer will not make consumers feel
                  pressured to upgrade or extend the period
                  of the warranty plan cover.

                1. The Dealer will offer you at least 12 months
                  complimentary RAC breakdown cover
                  (Vehicle-based cover Roadside, Recovery, At
                  Home) for the vehicle sold.

                1. The Dealer will explain the requirement
                  that the consumer must register their RAC
                  complimentary breakdown cover for it to be

                1. Any additional benefits that the dealer
                  provides will not diminish any legal rights
                  the consumer has under any relevant
                  consumer protection legislation.

                1. The Dealer will provide appropriate pre-contractual information and, if requested,
                  this will be available in writing.

                1. The Dealer will ensure contractual terms
                  and conditions are reasonable and will
                  comply with the Consumer Rights Act


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