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best wheelchair accessible cars vehicles

Best wheelchair accessible cars vehicles

What are the Best wheelchair-accessible car vehicles? The simple answer; There is No best wheelchair-accessible car vehicle. It all comes down to your individual needs. One can enter our showroom and want a large family car with four large seats and a lowered floor for a tramper eight mph mobility scooter. After asking if they […]

How to load a 6 mph mobility scooter into a wav

How to load a 6 mph mobility scooter into a wav This video shows the correct way of loading a mobility scooter into a wheelchair car, please note at no point does the demonstrator stand in front or behind the scooter, the throttle on the scooter is used in an on-off motion so it can […]

Here’s What The RAC Preparation Standard Covers:

Approved RAC WAV Dealer

Close all Vehicle history check A check that your car has undergone its: If applicable, they’ll confirm it has a current MOT certificate. Road test On a test drive, RAC Approved Dealers will check the following: Vehicle Exterior An inspection of the outside of the vehicle to confirm that: Vehicle interior An inspection to check […]

All our Adapted cars are supplied with 2 safety certificates

Happy disabled woman and nurse holding their thumbs

As well as the standard UK Vosa mot test, our wheelchair-accessible vehicles are now supplied with a fresh, dated safety certificate to cover all the wheelchair restraints and disabled passenger seat belts, The standard UK mot test will test the roadworthiness of a car. The MOT will all so test the safety belt and anchor […]

Update on buying a wav

Update on buying a wav

Throughout the virus pandemic wheelchair cars Ltd has been taking deposits to reserve wheelchair-accessible cars, and some vehicles have been delivered safely at the customer’s request. We agree the virus is still out there and we must remain very careful and alert, we will do everything possible to protect you. This is the procedure we […]

We can Bring Wheelchair cars to Wales in lockdown?

Wheelchair Cars Ltd deliver nationwide

Wheelchair cars ltd can still bring any of our wheelchair accessible vehicles to wales. We understand that Wales is having a second lockdown but disabled people can not stay in forever, staying indoors can harm your mental health and well-being. we suggest you go out but don’t mix with other people. have a ride in […]

charity providing the gift of driving to blind and disabled people

blind and disabled people.

If you’re interested in providing sponsorship, head over to their website speed of sight. now! Things to Consider When Buying a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Wheelchair-accessible vehicles allow more comfort and convenience for passengers who use a wheelchair. When using a regular vehicle, a wheelchair needs to be lifted into the car, which may be difficult as […]

Test driving the wheelchair cars ?

wav test drives

We have put in place unaccompanied test drives for your safety, Our insurance company has set a few rules and we wanted to just document these to you so you did not feel un-trusted or looked upon in any different light. 1) a photograph of the customer is taken prior to, and held by by […]


My mother is 73 she is in the vulnerable category, I phoned her up and asked if she had been out today, no she said, she is sat looking at four walls with the news blasting bad vibes. Yes, I do agree things are not good, we need to social distance, but we don’t need […]

coronavirus, Please read !

coronavirus, Please read !

Please read, this is for your safety,  Do remember you will not get the virus travelling in a car! And We at wheelchair cars ltd are taking the coronavirus very seriously.  We are dealing with a lot of both vulnerable and elderly people. From Monday 9th March, you the customer will be asked if you would […]

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